I have officially watched six YouTube videos today. This is good for me. Usually I waste an absurd amount of time every day watching YouTube videos. YouTube is vile. Spending your day streaming videos is vile. And yet I do it a lot.


I have a candle burning. I’m listening to KEXP. My heater is on and the radio is playing which means I can’t hear any of the outside world. Earlier I was lying on the floor of my boat, no heater on, just listening to the world. I called my mom and told her I could hear seagulls cawing in the distance. I could hear the sound of the water lapping against the hull, the creak of the lines and the bumpers. From time to time I could hear the mallards.

I have to get a COVID test the afternoon of the 24th so I can (hopefully) get into Canada the afternoon of the 27th. Tomorrow I’m only going to eat fish unless a social situation tempts me to do otherwise. I don’t think I can write with this music on. It’s freezing outside.

I just took a sip of Carina peach sour by Ecliptic Brewing, out of Portland, Oregon and that too was somewhat vile. Let me take another sip. Yes, still somewhat vile. Vile comes of the Latin word ‘villis,’ mean ‘of low value.’ It has to do with the word villify, which means it must have to do with the word ‘villain.’ Nothing but snow in the forecast for Squamish. Even if I do get a clear day when I’m there there won’t be much on offer to boulder. Unless I can find a nice cave. It’s always nice to find a cave.


It’s going to get cold in Seattle. Luckily, I’m getting off the boat just in time. I check the weather forecast for Gold Bar. If I wanted to go for broke, I could try to send Ryan’s Problem in the morning. Oh, but my video meeting. And then physical therapy. I’ll probably climb tomorrow, but it’ll probably be in the gym. Luckily, this peach sour is getting better with every sip. I mean, it’s still disgusting, but it’s getting better. And now the only thing I want to do is stream something. Sit back, turn my brain off, and just watch a screen.

And that’s probably what I’ll do, even though I should read Ishmael or just lie on the ground and listen to music. Oh, the despair of living alone on a boat in the winter.