Tru Life | Road to Nowhere

8:01am at the Tru by Hilton and what is this river flowing next to me? Is it the Multnomah? The Willamette? I’m going to guess Multnomah.

Damnit. It’s the Willamette. There is no Multnomah River. There’s a Multnomah Creek, but that’s about it.

The Willamette is flowing and nothing can stop it. It’s been raining for days here and so the river is swollen. I see whitewater and brown. I just had my anti-inflammatory smoothie and now I’ going to get in my car and head north for a bit before I talk to my therapist. I see my therapist at 10am. Joy. No seriously. But for now I’m going to enjoy the warmth of this hotel bed a LITTLE longer. Watch the joggers go by. Think about how I ALMOST stayed in the worst hotel in the world laast night but then didn’t because I was in the lobby checking in and a guy walked by not wearing a mask and looking like he had recently committed homicide and I said….

“Is it too late to cancel?”

I think the girl knows what’s going on.


“OK, then I’d like to cancel.”

I walk over to the Tru by Hilton which looks cleaner and newer and less crowded. The girl working greets me and I ask how much rooms are and tell her the rate I saw on Booking. Then she gives me a LOWER rate, the lobby looks infinitely less crowded with crackheads, and suddenly I’m in room 501 and it’s clean and wonderful and I’m happy and taking a shower.

And then.

And then I’m BACK in the lobby and the girl working gives me her employee discount to buy some snacks because she thinks they’re too expensive.

And then.

I’m upstairs in the hotel room watching a Friends episode co-starring Susan Sarandon.

And then.

Something about watching Friends makes me profoundly depressed so I turn it off and put on an audiobook about stoicism.

Oh but now I’ve SERIOUSLY been in this hotel room too long and must go. Gotta pack the car. Gotta drive north a bit before I have therapy. You know.

I’m listening to The Scent of Petrichor by Franz Gordon, my new favorite pianist. It makes me infinitely happy to have a favorite pianist who is still living.

Today I find out more about my knee!!!!!!!










K later.