PV #1

Made it to Puerto Vallarta.

Next stop: Get to the beach.

Oh wait — I have to do yoga with Adriene first. Day 11.

Then beach.

It’s golden hour so even the parking lot of my hotel looks charming.

I’m making coffee in the hotel room. AC blaring.

Then beach.

God I wish I’d rented a car and gone surfing.

My room is right next to the elevator at the top of the stairs, so I hear all the bell carts go by.

I feel out of it, like my brain is in a different place than my body. I looked at the hills when we arrived and they were green and shimmering in the heat. I thought, What hills are those? This morning in Seattle was a trance. The rain. My boat.

Normally when I come to a place like this I’m instantly snapped out of it. But my brain is resisting.

Which is why I should probably go to the beach. And finish my coffee.