How Boring Can It Get #2 | Road to Recovery

Got on the ferry. Was in one of the outside lanes on the lower level. Second to right outside lane. First car. When you’re the first car in this lane they let you go first so the other lane has an easier time getting out. But that’s the only car they let go first from that lane. I’ve always envied that car.

Drove through Pioneer Square and onto Dearborn, parked in the main lot by SBP Poplar. Went inside and asked if I could start my session a bit early since there weren’t many people. They had a lot of the top part roped off cuz they were resetting it. Went downstairs and warmed up on the bike with my puffy jacket on. Five minutes. Then went into one of the bathrooms and changed into shorts and put my knee sleeve on. Kept warming up by hanging, first a full hang, then a shoulder-healthy hang, then scapula pull-ups. Then did the deepest crimps they have for like 10 seconds.

Chalked up my hands between hangs. Climbed a yellow to start things off. Yellows are unsatisfying because they’re super easy and you feel like you’re doing them wrong cuz you can skip tons of holds. Then did a red. Then maybe a green and another red and finally at some point a purple that I’d done the other day. Did the red in the corner with all the square volumes and noticed an orange starts in the same place and goes up using only the volumes. There were only like two or three people climbing in the Northwest Room.

Sort of tried the first move on a black. Eyed up the orange in the corner. Tried the first move on an orange slab that had a really crimpy start. Eventually after climbing for a bit decided to try the orange in the corner and knew I had to just send it, that I couldn’t fall from the top or even from halfway up. Started up and it was easy, though. Lots of great edges to grab onto on the volumes and the finishing hold was a proper jug. Decided to quit while I was ahead. I felt great after sending the orange. Peeled the tape off my right middle finger and then just sat on the pad for a bit, lying down. Watched a girl send a purple that starts off with a mono. Well, a two-finger pocket. Kinda wanted to try it but one of the fingers you need to use is the finger that’s kind of injured. Watched people for awhile and then got up and got my stuff together and slowly walked out. Contemplated watching the setters from the up top viewing area. Saw a guy setting a black that had a jump start and a girl setting a purple with a left heel hook that looked sexy. She was wearing a sweater. Upstairs apart from the setters was pretty dead. Maybe 10 people total. If that. It was hard to tell how many people were in the main room. I walked to my car and got in and got on Dearborn and then drove to Chipotle in U-Village. Got a bowl and ate it outside. There was a lady out there who I thought was crazy but was actually just waiting for her granddaughter. Then I drove home.