Setting Two | Chilling on the Boat

There is spring water on my boat I got the other day at Whole Foods. My new heater is on setting “2” which is the highest setting. It’s been working–

My stomach hurts.

I went to Whole Foods to get a matcha latte and some young coconut meat and a Hoplark Hop Tea. I didn’t realize the brand wasn’t “Hop Tea.” I thought it was Hop Tea but it’s actually Hoplark. Hope Tea is a way cooler name and much more straightforward. They have Hoplark printed vertically on the side (?) of the can and it doesn’t exactly catch your attention. Of all the Hoplark teas I prefer the green right now because of the taste and also because it might be slightly easier to drink on an empty stomach.

I injected BPC-157 into my knee this morning about an hour after waking up. I’m getting good at injecting it really close to the LCL. I like the ritual. Grab the little party pack out of the bow with the syringes and alcohol swabs. Get the BPC-157 out of the fridge and set everything up on the table. Get my knee ready, pull my pants or long underwear down and pinch the skin to find a suitable injection site but first palpitate the tendon a bit to see where it’s sore; that’s where I want to inject. Swab the top of the container holding the BPC-157 and also the part of my knee where I’m going to inject. Swab it good. Then pull the safeties off either end of the syringe and pull the white plunger part out till it’s at about 20 then turn the BPC-157 vial upside down and with my left hand try to puncture the membrane of the vial right in the middle of the little circle. Draw it out till it’s past 20, watching it fill, then push it in till it’s no more than 20 but no less than 15. Pinch the skin in my right hand and then insert the needle and slowly push the plunger until all the liquid is in me, and then pull the needle out, grab the swab and apply pressure where the needle went in. After 15 seconds or so throw the swab in the garbage, put the caps back on the syringe and put it in a little ziplock bag for used syringes. When I was on the ferry the other day I disposed of all my old used syringes in the sharps container. I felt a big strange doing it. I would’ve felt weird if anyone walked in. It was a lot of syringes. But no one walked in and afterward I washed my hands.

Last night when I got back from Nate’s I made myself some yogurt with mango and oats. First I got the mango, which wasn’t quite ripe, an ataulfo mango, and using a knife sliced all the skin off. Then I cut strips of it off the side until most of the meat was gone, and then using my hands ate the rest of the meat that was still attached to the seed. This is my favorite part, sinking my teeth into this flesh. Then I got the yogurt out and put some of the chunks in and poured some lightly-toasted oats on top. It was way too late to be eating and probably why I feel like shit today. I don’t feel like shit today, but my digestive system could be better. Then I sat on the bench seat with this yogurt mixture and ate all the good stuff out, and then put more mango and oats in, repeating the process till all the mango was gone. And then I didn’t watch YouTube videos because I’m only allowed to watch YouTube videos till 10pm. I’m only allowed to use the internet till 11pm, at which point I can journal or read or just go to sleep but usually I journal for a little bit then read and within 15 or so minutes I’m pretty tired. I get up for one last pee and then unplug the LED string lights, then turn off the portside LED dome light, and then finally the starboard LED dome light. Then I get in bed. Of course before this I’ve already put the wooden hatch boards in and also wedged the boat hook in between the the lip of the deck and part of the sliding part of the roof so if someone were to come on the boat they either wouldn’t be able to open the hatch, or they MIGHT be able to open the hatch with a lot of force but it would be really loud and I’d quickly spring over to the galley and grab my knife. That’s the plan. There are a lot of tweakers where I live.

We sang songs at Nate’s. Nate and Hunter played guitar and I sang. They sang too. We sang Beatles songs and Nirvana and Tom Petty. Buddy was on the ground and can’t really move cuz he got vaccines injected into his hind legs yesterday and now they’re all stiff.

My knee felt sore this morning and I’m not really sure why. I didn’t really take any falls climbing yesterday. I didn’t really do any knee intensive moves. I didn’t really climb hard yesterday. Maybe it’s all the BPC injections. Maybe I AM kind of doing like a poor man’s PRP. Either way the region where my LCL inserts into the fibula is a bit sore. I’ve also become completely dependent on my knee sleeve. It feels really weird not to wear it. I feel really unstable. And I can’t find the black knee sleeve I usually wear at night.

Now I’m drinking my hop tea and I have no plans for today. I don’t know if I’m realistically going to do any job applications. Or volunteer applications. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll go to my parents’. I was thinking about driving to Wenatchee to stay there but that’s like three hours driving there, three hours driving back. I don’t need to do that. Plus then I spend money on a hotel. I don’t need to do that. I’d rather (I think I’d rather, at least) take walks around here and hopefully hang out with someone in the evening.

Stuck in Second Gear || Chilling on the Road to Recovery

Chilling on the boat OF COURSE. Contemplating doing some job applications and also checking on the Amazon and Duolingo apps I did like a week ago. Amazon said they would DEFINITELY get back to me, but the only thing I’ve gotten so far is an email asking if I’d like to be contacted about “other jobs.” Is this an extremely oblique, obtuse, tetrahedral way of telling me I didn’t get the first job? Is it because the ad said they explicitly wanted “NATIVE” Spanish speakers and other than having lived in Bogota for three months and knowing a decent deal of Mexican slang I’m not technically a “native” Spanish speaker. What is a “native” Spanish speaker anyway?

I ran a mile in 7:08 this morning. This is my fastest post-LCL injury time. My previous was 8:27 and the fastest before that, though it was at least half a walk, was 10:57. My next goal is to break the seven-minute barrier. The problem is, much like my childhood ’91 Honda Civic, I’m stuck in second gear. I can’t crank it up to third gear because I haven’t cranked it up to third gear since getting hurt. Third gear, in case you’re wondering, is just below fourth gear, which is a sprint. Third gear is more of a canter. Second gear is a trot/jog. First gear is, of course, a walk. I think I probably COULD crank it up to third gear, but I’m afraid the clutch might get stuck or the accelerator might get stuck and next thing I know I’m streaming around Green Lake with my hair on fire and I blow an o-ring. Much of this injury is probably psychological. Today felt like a triumph, but it also felt pretty easy since I was just running straight. It’s the lateral movement that scares me.

Yesterday I went to SBP Poplar and renewed my membership. I hadn’t planned on doing this, but yesterday I had coffee and when I have coffee all bets are off. After coffee I fairly instantly got in my car, made a reservation for the next available climbing slot, drove across town (I wanted to check out Poplar since I hadn’t been there for awhile even though I was right next to the Fremont one), renewed my reservation, and started warming up. I did five minutes on the stationary bike. I hung for bit, doing scapula pull-ups and also the deepest-set crimps they have (my goal by the end of the summer is to be able to do a one-armed pull-up on the shallowest crimps they have). Then I finally started climbing, first a yellow, then a red, then a couple greens, another red, feeling like a red was tough and hating myself for it, and then, at the end, flashing a purple. I was PYSCHED on flashing a purple but it also had no business being a purple. And I wasn’t even going to write about this because “flashing a purple” makes it sound like I can climb again, when the truth is I’m terrified the whole time I’m climbing, I might be messing my knee up, it’s probably not advisable, and I don’t want to get my hopes up. When I climb right now I cannot fall. I have to do climbs I KNOW I can do, and then I have to downclimb these climbs. No heel hooking. No chucking to holds I’m not sure I can make. In a way it’s really good for my climbing because it forces me to be super precise. In the words of Jimmy Chin, “No mistakes today.”

I need someone to come visit me on my boat because when I don’t have visitors it slips into a state of relative squalor. Dishes go unwashed. Detritus piles up on the bench seat across from me.

It’s gloriously sunny (see: partly cloudy) and I’m going to pressure-wash the boat. The most exciting part of this is I get to wear my Xtra Tuffs, which aren’t that tough because after like a year they already had fissures in them. Apparently when they started getting made in China they became “not so tuff.”

Hmmmmmm, what else. God, I don’t want to do these job applications. Writing cover letters is painful. But at the same time I need to do something, I’m destined to do something, I can’t just sit on my boat. And going to the climbing gym for a terror-sesh once every few days isn’t quite cutting it.