PV #2

Made it to Puerto Vallarta OK. The flight was good. I had an exit row and was sitting next to two people who wore their masks properly and spoke Spanish. I spent most of the flight either listening to music or watching stuff on Netflix. The flight was just over four hours, so not that bad, and then I just walked to my hotel from the airport, which was only about ten minutes away. In the evening I went to the beach and for some reason had to wait 20 minutes at the entrance of this one private resort to get to the beach. I didn’t really understand what was going on, but didn’t want to waste time looking for another entrance to the beach since almost all of the access was blocked by resorts. Finally a woman explained to me that the security people who let you onto the beach were on dinner break from 6-7pm, and that’s why I was waiting. When I finally got in I went for a quick dip but the water was pretty dirty. Nice sunset, though. There was a cruise ship leaving.

Now I’m at the Comfort Inn getting ready for my flight to Guadalajara. I just had the continental breakfast which was pretty underwhelming. I had papaya, granola, honey and coffee, and when I asked if I could take the coffee cup to my hotel room they said no. Right after that I watched a guy take all his dishes and leave, probably towards his hotel room, while the woman who’d just told no me looked on, frustrated. I’m gonna go to the airport soon to check in and hopefully get some work done. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of plane I have for the flight to GDL. I’m flying on an airline called Aeromar. Then I meet Darren near the American Consulate and we’re gonna have lunch before checking into our Airbnb.

I think I probably will go to Chile after Mexico City. It’s been over three years since I was there. It’s so nice here this morning in Puerto Vallarta. The temperature is perfect. It’s colder here than in Guadalajara! I slept pretty well last night though waking up at 7am this morning felt really early, probably because it was 5am back in Seattle. Puerto Vallarta would not be a terrible place to live.