R2V7 #3: This Weekend’s Dream Session

I’m scheming on my next bouldering session, which could actually happen as early as tomorrow. Picture this: You get in your car after work. You drive to the ferry. You get on the ferry. You ride the ferry with the windows slightly cracked, the breeze in your rapidly-greying hair. You get off the ferry and drive an hour and a half to everyone’s favorite Washington town, Gold Bar. You drive a little past Gold Bar into the Reiter Foothills. And then you boulder your ass off.

If I don’t go tomorrow, I’ll definitely go Saturday morning, since that’s the only time it’s supposed to be dry. Or I’ll finally go to the Jefferson Lake boulders on the Olympic side, which might be opening on Saturday after some recent closures due to wildfires. Or I might not go bouldering at all. I might just sit at home and mope around and watch YouTube videos.

If I DO go bouldering, here is the desired (see: dream) outcome, step by step:

  1. Show up to the Reiter Foothills. The sun is almost setting and it’s glorious. I feel good, healthy. My friend Barold is with me. We quickly find the Rubik’s Cube boulders and within minutes both send Beam Me Up (V2). I’m stoked because it’s my first ever V2 outdoors and I feel like something special might happen this evening.

2. We look around and find more fun problems to climb, mostly in the V0-V2 range. We climb a V3 and are super stoked and decide to just say screw it and head for something in the project category, aka Water (V6).

Here we try to do it a bit on our own at first but after making zero advancements decide to watch the above video for some beta. Even with this beta we’re still not super close. We retreat to our cars to chill as the darkness sets completely and we go to bed.

3. We wake up in the morning, warm up some more, and then head BACK to water. This time we’re actually doing the moves, and it looks like it might even go. What??? V6??? Out of nowhere on throw-away burns we both send it. Ten minutes later it starts raining and out of the forest, lost on a hike, walks the love of my life. We start dating medium to long term. We get married in Mexico and sail around the world for 10 years. We have a baby and name him something only pronounceable in Malay.

4. Drive back to Seattle.

So that’s hope I hope it will go if I go bouldering this weekend.

More to come soon!