I’m About to Go Running?

I think I finally understand running. I mean, I think I finally understand why people run. Like, I never understood this in the past. Running to me is one of the most boring activities a human can do. Why run when you can play soccer, when you can plan basketball, when you can do anything else that’s 6,000 times more fun and will give you more exercise than running, anyway?

But today I finally understand, and the reason I understand is because two things have come together: I’m bored as fuck, and I want to do something about it in a healthy way. And I guess there’s a third thing: I don’t have anyone to play soccer or basketball with or do anything fun with.

AKA I’m an adult.

And when you’re an adult you don’t have that many friends, at least friends available to hang out with on the the spur of the moment. When you’re an adult you gotta, like, plan ahead, because your friends have like families and wives and stuff. “Hey, man, how does Tuesday look for you?”

“Sure, man, I could probably hang out Tuesday for like a couple hours.”

Your friend plans to hang out with you from 5pm till 630pm. Sick.

But back to running.

Back to a beautiful Sunday evening, 4:40pm, sitting on the boat and I’ve actually kinda been productive today. I wrote a little fiction this morning, I went on a walk, I did some quick sprints, I meditated, did some yoga, wrote an email I’ve been putting off. Then this afternoon I tried to buy throw pillows. I actually went to two different places, Crate & Barrel and Target, and tried to buy throw pillows. I was horribly unsuccessful. They were expensive af at C&B and lame at Target, aka semi-dirty. And then I came back to the boat and took a nap. And now I’m….about to go running? Yes, I’m about to go running. For how long? I don’t know. Five minutes? Ten minutes? It really doesn’t matter; I just want to work up a sweat.

Go running and then come back and go for a swim. Or maybe go for a swim NOW while it’s hot and then go running after. Maybe go running this evening? No, if I don’t go now I’m never go to go. Go running and then reward myself with some kind of caffeinated beverage from Whole Foods. That’s the ticket.

I will blog tomorrow about how my run went. This is a promise to you. Because I feel like it could be semi life-changing. Aka I just really want an excuse to buy beverages at Whole Foods.