I’m Glad I Spent it With You || Chilling on the Boat

Everything seems fairly glorious today, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Hypothesis eins:

Yesterday the last calories entering my mouth was at 5:30pm PST. These calories came in the form of oats. Lightly toasted oats from Trader Joe’s. I was standing in my boat and spooning them into my mouth and groaning slightly. Once in my mouth the saliva from my mouth would mix with the oats to create a mixture not unlike fresh cement. This mixture would then pass into my stomach, where, right now, it ostensibly IS cement. Glorious cement. Glorious, fiber-filled cement.

But the point is that since I ate my last calories at 5:30pm, when I woke up this morning at 7:30am I had already been fasting for (carry the two) 14 hours!!!!!!!!! Which meant if I just held off till 9:30am I would have fasted for 16 hours, which of course I didn’t do, cuz I just got back from Whole Foods where I got a matcha latte, a green Hop Tea, OCTOPUS TENTACLES, and an albacore tuna steak. My friend Cole said the other day that your digestive system is never better than when you’re vegetarian, so for three weeks I’m cutting out foul, pork, and red meat. Octopus tentacles are a vegetarian’s dream. Also is A2/A2 yogurt. Also are eggs. Also is cauliflower.

So that’s hypothesis one. Feeling light, feeling good.

Hypothesis deux:

I’ve got a lot going on today.

Several social functions, which is approximately several more than I usually have planned in a given day. Which means I have tons of stuff to look forward to. Which is a good way to start the day.

Hypothesis kolme:

Today is supposed to be one of the nicest days of the year. Which means we’re all going to have Vitamin D coming out of our ears in about four hours. I intend to sunbathe today, and sunbathe with a vengeance. It’s a LITTLE bit early for swimming season yet. Just a touch. But it’s never too early to sunbathe.

Hypothesis quatre:

Hypothesis four is the most likely hypothesis to be true because it synthesizes all of the previous hypotheses and also adds a wildcard: I’m pressure washing my boat today. That is, I’m taking steps to vastly improve my living situation, transforming it from something out of the movie Waterworld into a gleaming bastion of maritime excellence. So maybe that’s it. Fasting a bit, having stuff planned for the day, starting the day off with my usual routine of gross amounts of green tea, and to top it all off the sun already shining (through a layer of clouds, of course).

The perfect day? Maybe.

A wonderful day? Definitely.

– Wetz