How Boring Can You Get || Road to Recovery

Woke up at about 7:25am this morning. Laid there in bed for a bit. Wondered if I should get up right away or if I should read. Kind of wanted to take a shower but took a bath last night so shower would be overkill. Don’t need to bathe so much when you’re not doing any physical activity. Journaled a bit on my phone, then finally got up and went downstairs and watched a couple bouldering videos on YouTube. Watched a Matt Fultz video and one of some guy sending FA’s in the Chattanooga region. Kinda dope. Then boiled water for some tea even though I knew drinking black tea on an empty stomach was a bad idea but I wanted something warm and I didn’t want to start the day with chamomile. So I drank it slowly. Played the piano a bit. Nocturne in C Sharp Minor and also Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 Number 1. Watched another bouldering video, this one a long interview with Matt Fultz. The interviewer wasn’t very good. Realized that I don’t need to train right now, my fingers aren’t ready for it, I just need to climb. Even so might get some individual training holds from REI that I can dangle weights from on a rope so I can condition my fingers for crimps really slowly. Start with just five pounds, then go to ten, then twenty, and finally get to the point where I can actually lift my body off the ground with a 20mm or 15mm crimp.

At around 9am or 930 mixed a smoothie with mixed berries, almond milk and marine collagen. The latest research shows that ingesting collagen 30 minutes before loading a tendon or ligament can improve healing. The loading is key. Drank the smoothie, which was (thank god) fairly bland, then drove up to the high school and realized high school is in session! and then tried to figure out where else there are stairs, so finally stopped at the baseball fields where I used to play little league. The stairs there were pretty feeble. Ran ’em for like five minutes, then went to Pegasus for a matcha latte. Sat in the cafe for a sec drinking my matcha latte, alternating between putting my mask up and taking sips and reading the New York Times. Read an article on how some kind of antelope is returning to Southern Turkey. Then got in the Subi and drove home again.

Got home and put a small load of laundry in. Got my charger and started charging the iPhone. Sat down with my computer and applied for extended unemployment benefits. Don’t really care if I get it cuz at this point I want to get a job anyway. Unloaded the pressure washer from the car, the “real” reason I came here in the first place. Unloaded the gas tank, rearranged my bouldering pad in my car so I can see out the back better. Came inside to the warmth and the sound of the washing machine. Contemplated watching another bouldering video but then figured I’d write this blog instead. Need to make a logo for this site. Do that now? Get Jetpack for suggested articles? Checked SHAK. Slowly recovering. Contemplated going outside for a walk. Contemplated getting my stuff together and getting on the ferry but then remembered I have to wait for my laundry to be done. Contemplated having bread with butter and honey.

Fingers felt swollen this morning.

God I love the cherry trees in the front yard.