GDL #1

Darren and I are chilling at a bomb Airbnb in Guadalajara. It’s a loft. Darren has the king bed upstairs and I have the little futon nook in the corner downstairs. Better for the back. ‘Bout to walk to this dope church where they sell tamales outside and across the street is a bar with a terrace where you can drink beer and look at the church. Sick. We also just booked flights for Mexico City. Going there on Sunday. Stay five days or a week or something and then I’ll probably fly to Bogota or maybe down to Santiago. We’re kinda looking for an ayahausca retreat….

What else can I tell you? Trying to hang out with —————————, ———————-. Like not very stoked to hang out, which makes me wonder why she’d even hang out in the first place. Who knows. Whatever. I was more stoked on the first plan to go to Morelia on Sunday and then take buses to small towns before Mex City, but flying is fine too. Would’ve also been dope to surf. But I still have grand aspirations to surf in Chile. Maybe buy a board and a 4/3. Maybe buy a car and drive the length of the country, surfing the whole way?????????

Anyway. Temps are pretty bomb. Probably in the 70’s right now. Darren has — which we might do in the next few days. How am I suddenly doing so many ————? Been doing yoga every day. Feel pretty good. I think not driving and not climbing is gonna be really good for my back.

Trying not to get down on myself lately for how I’m living my life. No reason not to be stoked. And honestly I’ve felt a little more positive about things ever since the ————– experience with Dan last week on Vancouver Island. There’s always something to be stoked on. And why wish for an easy life, anyway?