Drinking Tea and Listening to the Rain

Hello, my ten or so readers, give or take. I hope you are all doing wonderfully today. I hope if you’re in the Seattle area you’re finding a way to enjoy the rain since it really can be beautiful and should not completely inhibit us from doing the activities we love. It’s almost gym climbing season in Seattle, i.e. when it’s too wet to climb at the UW crag or drive out to Gold Bar and you kinda just wanna climb inside with your homies or by yourself. Since learning to climb outdoors I’ve had a bit of an aversion to gym climbing. I don’t really see the point. It’s so wildly different than climbing outdoors. Climbing on something that’s meant to be climbed vs climbing on something that’s completely indifferent to you climbing on it. I used to watch videos of indoor climbing all the time and now it’s hard to fathom that. Indoor climbing is just so boring. You see all the holds mapped out. There’s no mystery. Whereas climbing outdoors there’s an infinite variety of holds and possibilities.

Obviously it’s not THAT clear cut, but if you’re in the Reiter foothills, it’s probably pretty clear cut ;).

Ok sorry I’m all scatterbrained this morning. I can’t concentrate. I’m at my parents’ house because I wanted to escape being on my boat so much in the rain, and there’s a lot going on here. Well actually there’s nothing going on here but there are so many possibilities. I could walk into town right now or I could go downstairs and make tea. Downstairs?????? What a concept. My boat doesn’t have a downstairs. Downstairs on my boat is where the fish live. Upstairs is a mast where the spiders make their webs. Which might have you wondering: how much longer am I gonna live on the boat? Well, I’m going to Mexico on October 11 so at least till then. Then the plan is to come back and make sure everything’s in order and then go BACK south, maybe to Mexico, maybe to Guatemala, maybe to Costa Rica or Panama or Colombia and eventually, if possible, to chile. All roads lead to Chile and they always have led to Chile.

I’m a bit all over the place this morning and loving every second of it.

Hold on a sec while I get some tea.

If you’re wondering what kind of tea I’m drinking it’s Lipton black tea. This is a staple at the Wetzler household, along with hotdogs and the occasional split pea soup.

I had plans of going to the Olympic pensinsula this weekend to surf, but the physical therapist  yesterday forbade me to engage in any shoulder-loading activities for a week until I see him again on Thursday. The question is: will I do this? Will I actually not climb early next week when the weather gets nice again? And the answer is: maybe. I do want to have a healthy shoulder. And I know that resting it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m going to rest it a solid four or five days at least! The problem is I know when I go in on Thursday he’s not gonna say, ok sweet go ahead and start climbing again. You’re good. He’s gonna say, ok and now we’re going to start gradually loading that tendon again, 10% at first and then gradually build up to 100%. And this is the part that is simply not possible. I need to find a physical therapist who is willing to work with me despite my refusal to quit climbing completely. Maybe I should have been upfront with him about this. Also when I go to Mexico on October 11th I’m gonna be surfing a ton. It’s figuratively a surf a trip. And that doesn’t aggravate my shoulder the same way bouldering does, but it doesn’t allow for it to get back to homeostasis, either. I don’t know what to do. I just want my shoulder to be perfect. Come on, teres minor, get your shit together.

I am supremely unmotivated today and that is ok. Motivation comes with action. So sometime soon I’ll go for a walk, and then I’ll maybe go up to the high school to run some stairs and run around the track and maybe I’ll play soccer. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the forest. Maybe I’ll go to the bakery downtown to get coffee and a pastry. Maybe I’ll go to the bookstore. I’ll definitely go to the grocery store. Maybe I’ll go to the bank. Maybe I’ll even drive out to Home Depot to get a heavy duty tarp. Or just a duty tarp. Or a light duty tarp. Or an off duty tarp.

Ok probably time to actually go outside.

Or lay down.

– Wetz