Chopin Nocturnes | Road to V4

8:30am exactly on the boat. A candle lit. Tea made. Evgeny Kissin’s 1985 concert from Moscow playing on the stereo.

I couldn’t handle Fantasie in F Minor so I changed it over to the nocturnes, with which I’m much more comfortable. The tea is sweetened with almond milk. My goal today was to fast but that’s not happening. The weather outside is atrocious. Or my attitude towards it atrocious. Grey, rainy, cold. The three elements that define a Seattle winter. And yes, it doesn’t get that cold here, but the cold here is different than the dry cold. Vegas had similar low temps, but the wet cold here will chill you to your very marrow. It takes a few days to adjust. I think I’ve adjusted now. I’ve also bought a new puffy.

Light at the end of the tunnel for Leavenworth and also Gold Bar. Next week is showing at least one dry day, probably two in Leavenworth. Darren and I are supposed to go up there to chill, take in the Christmas lights and the Biergartens, and also go cross country skiing. And obviously I’ll bring my bouldering pad if we go. Because today is day three of rest from my recent pulley strain — I’m not calling it a sprain because even that sounds too major — and if I rehab properly I should be able to crank a little bit next week. I really really wanna try Feel the Pinch V4. Even though it’s supposedly on the hard end of V4, apparently if you know the sequence then it’s not that bad. And I’m studied the sequence like a law student studying for the bar. I’ve never even climbed this boulder and I can already tell you the moves: start matched on the lower sloper, left foot on high ledge right foot where it’s comfortable; left hand up to next sloper rail; then either match and then switch feet and move left foot out wide before going for pinch with left hand, or….OK I guess I don’t have it completely memorized. I will have to try this boulder before it really becomes imprinted on my brain. But I’m in no condition to try it now. Maybe in a few days. Today at most I will do a little light hanging from the roof of my boat. Or I might just take another complete rest day. One website said after a minor pulley injury to take three days off climbing and then rehab.

8:55pm on the boat now and I’m looking into zen meditation retreats in Washington State. Everything is done over Zoom right now, which is unacceptable. I shall have to do my own retreat. I’m on my second cup of tea and trying to find a classical song that I know the tune of but can’t remember the name. Mazorka? La Tarantella? Is that even a song? La Malagueña? The Venetian Boat Song? OK, not the Venetian Boat Song, but at least I’m listening to that now and it’s sublime. Also, the tannins in the black tea are starting to make me nauseous. How do I keep my fast and ward off the nausea? Vitamin D and fish oil? A jump in the lake? A guttural scream? All of these options seem viable. All IK know is I have a Zoom meeting in an hour and I need to get off the boat before that. Maybe walk to QFC but probably not. More than likely drive to Whole Foods in Interbay where I’ll get an energy bar and a matcha latte. Because I’m an adult and I do what I want.