Chai Latte

I was going to go Leavenworth today, but then a friend sent out a message proposing a Poplar mish and so now I’m going there instead. I just went to the dentist, where I got absolutely wrecked, and so now I’m self-medicating with a chai latte with hemp milk at Victrola. I’m not really working today. I still haven’t gotten paid, and so motivation is waning. I’ve seen the invoices for my work. It’s not clear whether it’s an error on their end or on my bank’s end, but the bottom line is I still haven’t been paid yet. So screw working for now. I’ll stick to blogging.

My mouth is still numb and my tooth is so damn sensitive. I can’t imagine eating solid foods right now. The dentist said to stick to soft foods for a week, but then said when eating harder foods to just use the right side of my mouth. Which is what I’ve been doing anyway, since anything else is insanely painful. I could leave right now and go get a cleaning at the same place, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. Too much pain for one day. I don’t need a dental student poking around my teeth for several hours.

I wish I could just drink like a gallon of chai latte. A big-ass chai.

But seriously $7.50 for a chai latte (after tip)?????? That’s insane. I’m not ok with that, and yet I am ok with that because I keep coming back here. But I’m going to complain about it.

It’s sunny, or it was sunny, so I might go over to Volunteer Park. I’d love to get a sandwich right now, or some real food, but I’m terrified to eat it. Maybe I’ll go home and drink a bunch of mate on my boat and freak out. Maybe I’ll go home and watch the highlights from the Chelsea — Zenit game. Maybe I’ll go home and watch bouldering videos. Mabye I’ll go home and jump in the water. Maybe I’ll go home and clean my boat. Maybe I’ll finally buy my ticket for Mexico City. Maybe I’ll sell all my ethereum. Maybe I’ll get a latte here. Maybe I’ll go to PCC and get that vitamin D I was looking at. Maybe I’ll go to Whole Foods and take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership. Oh damn it just got sunny again. I should probably go outside.

It was sunny for a second, and now it’s cloudy again. My chai latte is gone. As long as I don’t do anything at all with my mouth, it doesn’t hurt. It’d be nice to go to Volunteer Park and do at least four laps. Say hello to the squirrels. Maybe just sit in the sun by the Asian Art Museum, taking in the vitamin D. I guess I could check QFC for vitamin D. Oh wait, that QFC doesn’t exist anymore. What projects do I have at SBP Poplar right now? The cave orange. The black arete with the shitty right hand hold. The awful downstairs orange. The ledgy orange. The leg-swinging purple. The lunge-y orange. Why do I have no blue projects? I need to try some pinks tonight. Need to.

Chelsea tied 3-3.