Waking up on the Boat

My awakening in the morning happens in steps, much like a spiritual awakening probably happens. When I first wake up I’m always a bit confused. Where am? Why am I on this boat? Why am floating?

Then I get my bearings and the first thing I do is open the curtain directly above my head. Let some light in. Look at the mast of my neighbor’s boat. One time I was looking at the mast and a crow landed on one of the spreaders. This had never happened before. What majesty! What glory for one of god’s creatures to alight upon an object made by man and bestow its glory upon it, even if only a “lowly” crow.

After opening this first curtain I eventually, and I’m not exactly sure how this happens, get up and rather quickly open all the other curtains on the boat to let in as much light as possible, and then I do something that lets in TONS of light, i.e. take out all the wooden boards of the hatch — and here I’m exposed to the outside world! geese honking! water rippling! wind blowing! — and replace them with the two plexiglass pieces that turn most of the north side of my boat into a window. Now we’re talking. Now the light is getting in and I’ve gotten out of bed.

But of course I get right back in.

I get right back in, but at least now I’m “up.” I’m not going back to sleep. I look at my phone because I’m not allowed to look at the internet till 8am. So I journal a bit. I look at maps. I think about what I’m going to do that day.

I put on the tea kettle, and this is where things really start to change. I’m now going to INGEST something. Granted, I’m not going to ingest any calories. That happens later. I’m going to ingest tea, and lately it’s been in the form of an herbal tea from Rishi called “Elderberry Healer” that’s got ginger, elderberry, hibiscus and a few other things. I like to NOT start the day with caffeine if I can. That said, I’m currently drinking a yerba mate beverage from Trader Joe’s, but it’s already almost 9am, and I’m well into the morning process. It’s ok to have some caffeine at this point. But I don’t like it to be the first thing that enters my body. I like to awaken somewhat naturally.

While the tea is steeping I’m back in bed and if it’s already 8am I’m checking stocks and checking my email and doing all sorts of stupid stuff on the internet, and if it’s not 8am I’m either journaling more or reading or just kind of lying there, looking out at the world through the hatch. This morning I read A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold, and I’d like to give you a quote from it just because I found it so beautiful:

(talking about walking his land in the early morning with his dog after listening to the birds)

We sally forth, the dog and I, at random. He has paid scant respect to all these vocals goings-on, for to him the evidence of tenantry is not song, but scent. Any illiterate bundle of feathers, he says, can make a noise in a tree. Now he is going to translate for me the olfactory poems that who-knows-what silent creatures have written in the summer night.

A Sandy County Almanac, 1949

This makes me think of the processions I can watch every day if I’m not too engrossed in watching bouldering videos on YouTube. The geese honking, the mallards paddling, the mergansers diving, the herons sitting on the pier, and at some point the bald eagles will be back, but that probably doesn’t happen till salmon season. But even without the birds there are still things to watch. The ripples on the water. The boats idling into the locks. I derive a bit of satisfaction just from looking at the wood of the dock as it extends out into the cold grey of the lake water.

But enough of that. Now that I’ve interneted and had some tea I’m actually up, and this is where things get crazy, here I actually take all the bedding off my bed, aka the bench seat where I sleep, and now I sit back on it with my legs propped up, leaning back against the bulkhead on the bedding I’ve bunched in the corner. From here I’ll maybe transition into actually sitting up, my computer on the table in front of me. And then I’ve fully woken up. Though let’s be honest, usually this process is interrupted halfway through by me getting into my car and driving to Whole Foods to spend WAY too much on matcha and its derivatives. A matcha bar. A matcha latte with OAT milk. A green hop tea.

And now that this has happened TODAY for example I have to figure out what to do. Or actually I GET to figure out what to do. I thought about driving out to Index today just to look at Chutzpah V10, and then maybe continue on to Leavenworth and Wenatchee and stay the night in Wenatchee. But it’s hard for me to justify all that driving unless I’m going to look at a lot of boulders, or do some hiking and exploring, or stay a couple days. After all, Why should the lord of the country flit about like a fool?


Setting Two | Chilling on the Boat

There is spring water on my boat I got the other day at Whole Foods. My new heater is on setting “2” which is the highest setting. It’s been working–

My stomach hurts.

I went to Whole Foods to get a matcha latte and some young coconut meat and a Hoplark Hop Tea. I didn’t realize the brand wasn’t “Hop Tea.” I thought it was Hop Tea but it’s actually Hoplark. Hope Tea is a way cooler name and much more straightforward. They have Hoplark printed vertically on the side (?) of the can and it doesn’t exactly catch your attention. Of all the Hoplark teas I prefer the green right now because of the taste and also because it might be slightly easier to drink on an empty stomach.

I injected BPC-157 into my knee this morning about an hour after waking up. I’m getting good at injecting it really close to the LCL. I like the ritual. Grab the little party pack out of the bow with the syringes and alcohol swabs. Get the BPC-157 out of the fridge and set everything up on the table. Get my knee ready, pull my pants or long underwear down and pinch the skin to find a suitable injection site but first palpitate the tendon a bit to see where it’s sore; that’s where I want to inject. Swab the top of the container holding the BPC-157 and also the part of my knee where I’m going to inject. Swab it good. Then pull the safeties off either end of the syringe and pull the white plunger part out till it’s at about 20 then turn the BPC-157 vial upside down and with my left hand try to puncture the membrane of the vial right in the middle of the little circle. Draw it out till it’s past 20, watching it fill, then push it in till it’s no more than 20 but no less than 15. Pinch the skin in my right hand and then insert the needle and slowly push the plunger until all the liquid is in me, and then pull the needle out, grab the swab and apply pressure where the needle went in. After 15 seconds or so throw the swab in the garbage, put the caps back on the syringe and put it in a little ziplock bag for used syringes. When I was on the ferry the other day I disposed of all my old used syringes in the sharps container. I felt a big strange doing it. I would’ve felt weird if anyone walked in. It was a lot of syringes. But no one walked in and afterward I washed my hands.

Last night when I got back from Nate’s I made myself some yogurt with mango and oats. First I got the mango, which wasn’t quite ripe, an ataulfo mango, and using a knife sliced all the skin off. Then I cut strips of it off the side until most of the meat was gone, and then using my hands ate the rest of the meat that was still attached to the seed. This is my favorite part, sinking my teeth into this flesh. Then I got the yogurt out and put some of the chunks in and poured some lightly-toasted oats on top. It was way too late to be eating and probably why I feel like shit today. I don’t feel like shit today, but my digestive system could be better. Then I sat on the bench seat with this yogurt mixture and ate all the good stuff out, and then put more mango and oats in, repeating the process till all the mango was gone. And then I didn’t watch YouTube videos because I’m only allowed to watch YouTube videos till 10pm. I’m only allowed to use the internet till 11pm, at which point I can journal or read or just go to sleep but usually I journal for a little bit then read and within 15 or so minutes I’m pretty tired. I get up for one last pee and then unplug the LED string lights, then turn off the portside LED dome light, and then finally the starboard LED dome light. Then I get in bed. Of course before this I’ve already put the wooden hatch boards in and also wedged the boat hook in between the the lip of the deck and part of the sliding part of the roof so if someone were to come on the boat they either wouldn’t be able to open the hatch, or they MIGHT be able to open the hatch with a lot of force but it would be really loud and I’d quickly spring over to the galley and grab my knife. That’s the plan. There are a lot of tweakers where I live.

We sang songs at Nate’s. Nate and Hunter played guitar and I sang. They sang too. We sang Beatles songs and Nirvana and Tom Petty. Buddy was on the ground and can’t really move cuz he got vaccines injected into his hind legs yesterday and now they’re all stiff.

My knee felt sore this morning and I’m not really sure why. I didn’t really take any falls climbing yesterday. I didn’t really do any knee intensive moves. I didn’t really climb hard yesterday. Maybe it’s all the BPC injections. Maybe I AM kind of doing like a poor man’s PRP. Either way the region where my LCL inserts into the fibula is a bit sore. I’ve also become completely dependent on my knee sleeve. It feels really weird not to wear it. I feel really unstable. And I can’t find the black knee sleeve I usually wear at night.

Now I’m drinking my hop tea and I have no plans for today. I don’t know if I’m realistically going to do any job applications. Or volunteer applications. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll go to my parents’. I was thinking about driving to Wenatchee to stay there but that’s like three hours driving there, three hours driving back. I don’t need to do that. Plus then I spend money on a hotel. I don’t need to do that. I’d rather (I think I’d rather, at least) take walks around here and hopefully hang out with someone in the evening.

How Boring Can You Get || Road to Recovery

Woke up at about 7:25am this morning. Laid there in bed for a bit. Wondered if I should get up right away or if I should read. Kind of wanted to take a shower but took a bath last night so shower would be overkill. Don’t need to bathe so much when you’re not doing any physical activity. Journaled a bit on my phone, then finally got up and went downstairs and watched a couple bouldering videos on YouTube. Watched a Matt Fultz video and one of some guy sending FA’s in the Chattanooga region. Kinda dope. Then boiled water for some tea even though I knew drinking black tea on an empty stomach was a bad idea but I wanted something warm and I didn’t want to start the day with chamomile. So I drank it slowly. Played the piano a bit. Nocturne in C Sharp Minor and also Chopin’s Nocturne Opus 9 Number 1. Watched another bouldering video, this one a long interview with Matt Fultz. The interviewer wasn’t very good. Realized that I don’t need to train right now, my fingers aren’t ready for it, I just need to climb. Even so might get some individual training holds from REI that I can dangle weights from on a rope so I can condition my fingers for crimps really slowly. Start with just five pounds, then go to ten, then twenty, and finally get to the point where I can actually lift my body off the ground with a 20mm or 15mm crimp.

At around 9am or 930 mixed a smoothie with mixed berries, almond milk and marine collagen. The latest research shows that ingesting collagen 30 minutes before loading a tendon or ligament can improve healing. The loading is key. Drank the smoothie, which was (thank god) fairly bland, then drove up to the high school and realized high school is in session! and then tried to figure out where else there are stairs, so finally stopped at the baseball fields where I used to play little league. The stairs there were pretty feeble. Ran ’em for like five minutes, then went to Pegasus for a matcha latte. Sat in the cafe for a sec drinking my matcha latte, alternating between putting my mask up and taking sips and reading the New York Times. Read an article on how some kind of antelope is returning to Southern Turkey. Then got in the Subi and drove home again.

Got home and put a small load of laundry in. Got my charger and started charging the iPhone. Sat down with my computer and applied for extended unemployment benefits. Don’t really care if I get it cuz at this point I want to get a job anyway. Unloaded the pressure washer from the car, the “real” reason I came here in the first place. Unloaded the gas tank, rearranged my bouldering pad in my car so I can see out the back better. Came inside to the warmth and the sound of the washing machine. Contemplated watching another bouldering video but then figured I’d write this blog instead. Need to make a logo for this site. Do that now? Get Jetpack for suggested articles? Checked SHAK. Slowly recovering. Contemplated going outside for a walk. Contemplated getting my stuff together and getting on the ferry but then remembered I have to wait for my laundry to be done. Contemplated having bread with butter and honey.

Fingers felt swollen this morning.

God I love the cherry trees in the front yard.



I’m Glad I Spent it With You || Chilling on the Boat

Everything seems fairly glorious today, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Hypothesis eins:

Yesterday the last calories entering my mouth was at 5:30pm PST. These calories came in the form of oats. Lightly toasted oats from Trader Joe’s. I was standing in my boat and spooning them into my mouth and groaning slightly. Once in my mouth the saliva from my mouth would mix with the oats to create a mixture not unlike fresh cement. This mixture would then pass into my stomach, where, right now, it ostensibly IS cement. Glorious cement. Glorious, fiber-filled cement.

But the point is that since I ate my last calories at 5:30pm, when I woke up this morning at 7:30am I had already been fasting for (carry the two) 14 hours!!!!!!!!! Which meant if I just held off till 9:30am I would have fasted for 16 hours, which of course I didn’t do, cuz I just got back from Whole Foods where I got a matcha latte, a green Hop Tea, OCTOPUS TENTACLES, and an albacore tuna steak. My friend Cole said the other day that your digestive system is never better than when you’re vegetarian, so for three weeks I’m cutting out foul, pork, and red meat. Octopus tentacles are a vegetarian’s dream. Also is A2/A2 yogurt. Also are eggs. Also is cauliflower.

So that’s hypothesis one. Feeling light, feeling good.

Hypothesis deux:

I’ve got a lot going on today.

Several social functions, which is approximately several more than I usually have planned in a given day. Which means I have tons of stuff to look forward to. Which is a good way to start the day.

Hypothesis kolme:

Today is supposed to be one of the nicest days of the year. Which means we’re all going to have Vitamin D coming out of our ears in about four hours. I intend to sunbathe today, and sunbathe with a vengeance. It’s a LITTLE bit early for swimming season yet. Just a touch. But it’s never too early to sunbathe.

Hypothesis quatre:

Hypothesis four is the most likely hypothesis to be true because it synthesizes all of the previous hypotheses and also adds a wildcard: I’m pressure washing my boat today. That is, I’m taking steps to vastly improve my living situation, transforming it from something out of the movie Waterworld into a gleaming bastion of maritime excellence. So maybe that’s it. Fasting a bit, having stuff planned for the day, starting the day off with my usual routine of gross amounts of green tea, and to top it all off the sun already shining (through a layer of clouds, of course).

The perfect day? Maybe.

A wonderful day? Definitely.

– Wetz

Elevating and Pu-Erh

Currently elevating my knee.

Debating whether or not to boil some water for some pu-erh tea.

Feeling sluggish. Had two helpings of yogurt with maple syrup and then two big slices of toast with butter. My attempts at cutting dairy out of my diet have failed in that I consume almost exclusively dairy. Dairy and wheat. I’m like a 14th century German peasant. Except 14th century German peasants probably rarely drank pu-erh. So I am a refined 14th century German peasant.

I dind’t go to Leavenworth today because I didn’t feel like driving all the way out there. So maybe the beautiful one-bedroom will escape me. This is possible. It’s also possible that it’s supposed to escape me, that I’m not supposed to sign a one-year lease, that I’m condemned to live in micro studios for the rest of my life. All I want to do is boulder. If I haven’t yet made that explicitly clear. All I want to do is boulder. All I want to do is boulder. All I want to do is boulder. All I want to do is boulder. And when I’m not bouldering I want to be thinking about bouldering, writing about bouldering, training for bouldering, talking about bouldering.

If this kind of lifestyle also interests you, let me know.

If you’d like to perform an LCL transplant on yourself and give me your delectable LCL, let me know.

Actually, today at physical therapy felt like a bit of a breakthrough. It always does. Today we did ONE-LEGGED SQUATS, aka I sat down using only my left leg, and stood up using only my left leg. I felt like a boss. I didn’t think I could do it, but it actually wasn’t that hard, proving that the mental component of this injury might be the hardest to deal with.

After physical therapy I got a matcha latte at The Retreat in Greenlake and sat in the sun. Then I drove to the Sculpture Garden, and then I walked to the ferry. So now I’m on The Island where I just got ANOTHER matcha latte and watched…..what did I watch. I have the memory of a ring-tailed lemur.

It’s very possible I’ll finish Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey tonigh. I’ve thought about starting another writing project of my own, but I don’t know if I have it in me. These things, these writing projects, when they fail, they really take it out of you. I mean, I guess you can never fail completely, because each time you learn something, but to write 10,000 words and at the end decide, “This is shit,” is tough. But you have to keep going. I will keep going, but for now I’m just going to blog.

OK now it’s DEFINITELY time for some pu-erh. Good thing I convinced myself.

What gorgeous weather today.

What gorgeous weather tomorrow.

What gorgeous weather of the mind.