I really don’t know what to do with myself today. I can’t climb cuz I climbed yesterday and sort of tweaked my knee. I can’t start drinking cuz it’s too early and I don’t want to do that anyway. I can’t do much outside right now cuz it’s raining. I already worked on the novel (900 words, pretty good, enough). I don’t really want to go for a dip in the water cuz I did that yesterday and it’s kind of traumatizing. I can’t work because there literally is no work (I go to the list where I usually pick tasks from and nothing is there. Supposedly this was going to be remedied at the start of the new year, but it hasn’t happened yet). And so….what should I do?

Maybe I should make some sort of a plan.

Ah! I know what I could do. I could clean up my boat. And then I could walk to the library and take all my books back. And then I could walk to PCC or somewhere else and get more caffeine. And then maybe when I get back I’ll want to jump in the lake (see: ease my body off the dock and promptly freak out). I could also do more push-ups, since I’m trying to do them (almost) every day and have only done one set so far today.

Things are looking up.

OK so here’s the plan (to reiterate and also be extremely specific):

  1. Do another set of pushups (and maybe listen to music and scream while doing them).
  2. Clean up the boat (take out trash and recycling, organize shit, maybe try to clean up some of the water on the floor since it’s been raining for the past 486 hours).
  3. Walk to the Ballard branch of the SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY. Take back all books and don’t forget to take back that Breathe book I didn’t even read. Don’t check out any more books there. Slash check out the ones that are on hold.
  4. Get a matcha latte from ROOT (or maybe a macchiato).
  5. Attempt to hang out with friends (or anyone, really. Enemies are fine, too).

As far as the bouldering session went yesterday, I’ll fill you in cuz I know you need to know. I had the goal of sending two new oranges OR one new black, and after warming up on yellows and reds and keeping my arms straight, which was a damn revelation, I sent a new black that was a sort of jump start followed by a crimp with a right heel hook. Then I went upstairs and sent two more new oranges, one of which was in the cave. Other than tweaking my knee, I felt pretty damn good about myself.

Also: thanks to those of you who got in touch after the last post, which was on loneliness. I appreciate it. It makes me happy that that post resonated with some people, and also that people are still reading this blog.

Also: I’m probably going to Mexico on Monday. I already have my ticket, but I could cancel it up till 2:04pm today. So I’ll probably just go. To Guadalajara, and then on to Mexico City. And then after that to Bogota and then on to Chile, or just to Chile, or just back to Seattle, or something else entirely.