Even the Best | Sometimes…

Another day, another proverbial shekel.

Just a little music to start off your day. Why was this music video filmed in Toronto? These are the things I lie awake at night thinking about.

How’s everyone doing today? It’s a wonderful day. The first thing I did this morning was chug some olive oil so I’d have something in my stomach so I could then start chugging black tea. If I don’t have anything in my stomach, the tannins from the black tea make me nauseous.

Enough about me, though. Let’s talk about you. What are your hopes? Your dreams? Can’t wait to hear about them in the comments below. It is so incredibly important for the unenlightened being to wake up in the morning and have some kind of mission or sense of purpose. As I said in yesterday’s post, when I go bouldering I have that. I have several boulders I want to try that day. I have some kind of grade goal. Or even just the goal of checking out a new area. But I never go up to the boulders without any goal at all. I couldn’t if I tried. It’s like when I try to “not have a destination” when I travel. Even when I don’t plan anything my brain starts toiling away at where I’m going to go next, so when I go to the bus station or on Google Flights I kind of already know where I want to go. We don’t deal well with randomness, with uncertainty.

Even the best fall down sometimes

Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.

In case you were wondering, I am an unenlightened man. I spend most of the day in the grips of anxiety (thinking about the future) or reflection/rumination (thinking about the past). I spend very little of the day in the present moment. I judge the shit out of people. I judge myself. Today, for example, if I don’t DO anything, I will rip myself to shreds with judgment. What would DOING SOMETHING involve? It would involve “work,” or social interaction, or something like going bouldering. But here’s the funny thing: When I was working all I wanted to do was stop. All my problems will stop once I stop working, I thought. Once I’m free.

But we we are never free.

The dawn is breaking/A light shining through.

I’m actually loving writing this blog, by the way. Today I’m going to go to Nana’s Green Tea at 11am when it opens, and then I have to drop off a stool sample at Country Doctor. OHHHHH, GROSS, STOOL SAMPLE. Yes, it IS kind of gross, but it’s a fact of life. When your digestive system is shredded and has been for many months (ever since you took a two week vacay to Vietnam), it makes sense to drop off a stool sample so they can hopefully figure out what’s going on. It might just be dietary stuff, though, how the hell should I know. The only thing I know right now is I’m about to have my second cup of black tea and I feel the first one starting to take effect and it’s causing my little sausage fingers to flit faster and faster across the keyboard and it’s causing this paragraph to become longer and longer and it’s causing this sentence to become a run-on which is what they ALWAYS warned us about in high school English and middle school English the FUCKING RUN-ON SENTENCE IS THE FUCKING BOOGEY-MAN but then you get older and you realize that things like run on sentences don’t really matter, that indeed they can even me useful sometimes, and that, well….

Even the best fall down


Even the….


Oh god I just broke my rule. I ate. But I think eating a tiny bit of nuts is OK if it means staving off the nausea rendered by unbridled tannins.

As many of you know, I’m really, really obsessed with bouldering right now, and I would really like to go to Squamish to go bouldering but, as many of you also might know, the US CANADA BORDER IS FUCKING CLOSED RIGHT NOW. And has been for a long time. Which means I can’t go to Squamish to go bouldering. One day, though, it’ll open again and rest assured I’ll be open there with brush and chalk in hand, ready to tackle some sick blocs. ALSO, one thing I noticed today is that some crushers out of eastern British Columbia have come up with a guidebook for the Kootenays! The Kootenays is a region in southeastern British Columbia around the town of Nelson and named for the Kootenay River. The guidebook, which just came out, has 960+ boulder problems, is in full color, and you can purchase it and check out a sample page here. Now, you may be saying to yourself: “Hey, Marko, thanks for the guidebook rec, but I’m really not looking to purchase a $45.00 CAD guidebook when I can’t even go to Canada right now. Like, I’d rather just take my kids out to Chick Fil-A.”

And I totally hear you. That’s a valid argument. But here’s the deal: The border is gonna open up by next spring, and you’re gonna want that guidebook. You’re gonna want to sesh those 960 problems. You’re gonna want to be in the Kootenays.

At least I’m gonna want to be in the Kooenays. Aka Squamish.

OK, as much as I’d like to continue hanging out and blogging I have to, because nature is calling and I really wanna figure out if I have giardia.

I probably don’t, though.

But maybe I do.

Even the best fall down…

– Wetz