Things I’ve Learned in the Past Month

The more you produce the more you can produce
—Yesterday I wrote the most I have in a long time. With each passing hour I only felt like I could write more.

Meditation requires practice
— I recommend the app Headspace.

The internet is ruining your life
—Put yourself on a program, much like you would do for a child. Watch your production and mental state soar.

Plums really do make you (and me) regular
— I thought it was only prunes. But plums work much better for me.

The scaphoid is the most common broken carpal bone in the body
— It also receives tenuous blood supply, increasing the risk of non-union. When treating a broken scaphoid avoid all tobacco products during the healing process, as these can reduce the incidence of non-union by 20%. If the fracture is displaced, internal fixation surgery may be recommended. This is done either with a small incision or percutaneously, using a headless compression screw to pull the two pieces of bone together.