Weekend Thoughts

1) I’m happy to report I’m getting better at holding babies. Babies can sense when you feel uncomfortable holding them. I am now able to (usually) hold my sister’s twins without them immediately bursting into tears.

2) I just started reading Carry On, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse.  It’s already one of the funniest books I’ve ever read. P.G. Wodehouse had a 70 year literary career. Seventy years! I wonder if Roald Dahl got much of his style from him. Their writing seems similar. I dare say that Wodehouse’s dialogue is better, though, if that’s even possible.

3) I saw Cory Kennedy skating down Ravenna today, the most famous pro skateboarder to ever come out of the Seattle area (aka Snohomish).  I said, “Cory Kennedy,” and he gave me a smile like, Why are you talking to me.

4) Whole Foods on Roosevelt is my new go-to place to work. Imagine a coffee shop that’s not a coffee shop all but a grocery store. Such is the situation at Whole Foods. They have a sitting area with internet, but instead of just being able to only get coffee you can get a La Croix, or a yogurt, or a block of brie, or a 12-pound bag of bulk chocolates. Why would anyone go anywhere else?

5) Went surfing this weekend at Crescent. Waves were tiny but the water was clear and cold and I’ve never felt so alive. I felt like a seal. I felt like an orca. I wanted to paddle across to Vancouver Island and live with the mountain lions and never come back.

6) I like the coconut La Croix flavor.

7) If you’re not eating plain cream-top yogurt at least once every other day there’s something wrong with you.