Khublai Khan (Kublai Kan)

originally published on, 23 june 2012

To give you an idea of how bored I am, I was just sitting on the floor of my room Shazam’ing songs I was playing myself.

It’s raining outside.  It’s dismal.  I’m bored.  Should I start drinking the beers in my parents’ fridge?  Should I make a tomato salad with oil and vinegar and honey so when they get back they think “My, what a good son we have”?  Or should I sit in my room listening to Tego Calderon on my low-end smartphone, alternating between reading The Picture of Dorian Grey and wondering what it would be like to fall off the roof.

These are rhetorical questions.  I’m not looking for an answer.  Plus, only five people read this blog so I know I won’t get an answer.  The only thing I want from my friends is to tell me how jacked I’m getting and how when you’re 28 and don’t have a career job it’s because you’re “taking the path less trodden” or because “you’re destined for something great.”  When obviously it’s really just because I’m lazy and because….OK more importantly: is “trodden” a word?

The rain has stopped.  Maybe it’s getting sunny.  It’s 5:32pm which means we have about another four hours of light until it gets dark.  This is monumental.  Of course now the days are only getting shorter, but you’d have to be a real pessimist to let that ruin your July in Seattle.

My friend Natalie is drinking tequila.  I wish I was drinking tequila but mostly I wish I wasn’t hanging out by myself.  I didn’t work today.  Hopefully I will work Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and pretty much every day for the rest of my life until I get married and go on my honeymoon to Kauai.  Because I like Hawaii now.  I used to think it sucked.  But that was before I had ever been there…

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