5 things you need to do before you die (and 5 you don’t)


Be on a boat with no view of land in any direction (cruise ships don’t count)
— It’s good to feel small.

Lounge on a lake in midsummer in Scandinavia
—The sunsets last for hours.

Walk the Camino de Santiago (the northern, coastal route)
—If you don’t find yourself on the walk you may forget about yourself, which is just as good.

Hitchhike through Argentina
—It’s good to trust others.

See a bear on foot in Alaska
—It’s good to feel your heart pound.


See Machu Pichu
—It’s Disneyland.

Go zip lining in Costa Rica
—It’s cheaper and less crowded and commercialized in other countries.

Take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower
—Selfie sticks were born here.

Go to Rome
—Go someplace you’ve never heard of. Your experience will be more significant.

Visit the islands where The Beach was filmed.
—The town feels like a 7-11.

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